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 In-Office and Virtual Appointments for Maine and New York Residents
Mon-Wed: 8 am - 4 pm

Hormonious Health is a direct payment/cash friendly office. We do not take insurance. We will provide you with a billing summary, on request, if you would like to submit for out-of-network reimbursement.

Initial New Patient Visit 90-120 mins: $225
Initial Consultation

During your first appointment, an in-depth review of your symptoms, medical history and lifestyle will be performed. Based on your history and symptoms, labs will be ordered. 

Established Patient Visit 45-60 mins: $110
Second Consultation

During this appointment, your lab test results will be reviewed, an individualized treatment plan will be recommended and your customized prescription hormone medication(s) will be prescribed.

Established Patient Visit 45-60 mins: $110
Follow-up/Lab Review Appointment

Three to four months after beginning your treatment plan, we will assess how you are feeling and review your follow-up hormone test results. After the first year, testing and follow-up appointments will be twice a year, if stable.

Established Patient Visit 20-30 mins: $55
Brief Follow-Up Appointment

Brief appointments are designed for the stable BHRT, thyroid and/or weight loss patient or those patients needing additional support.